I take requests.

There is more research published in each subspecialty of medicine (and philosophy, for that matter) in a given month than even a dedicated specialist can read in a month. I want to find and apply philosophical investigation to interesting cases from across healthcare, and I’m particularly interested in under-researched and under-recognised cases. That makes finding new case studies and topics challenging. If you work in a healthcare sector and encounter cases which you find interesting and which you think a philosopher with unstructured research time could help to illuminate, and you’re on board with open access publication of findings, get in touch. I’ve worked alongside surgeons, physios, dentists, veterinarians, lab researchers, nurses, GPs and complementary and alternative medicine practitioners to look into the topics they bring to my attention.

I’m also interested in whatever projects you’re working on to disseminate research to practitioners, get the word out about alternative research designs, or support practitioners who are interested in understanding more about how evidence works.

In my day job with LSE100, I work on innovative approaches to interdisciplinary undergraduate education, as well as creating podcasts and educational videos. I’m always interested to hear from and work with educators who have exciting ideas for new educational offerings or want to know more about the work we do.

Contact: c.j.blunt <at> or use the form: