I am a philosopher of medicine and Artificial Intelligence (AI), focusing on questions at the intersection of evidence and ethics. I am Assistant Professorial Lecturer and Deputy Director of LSE100 at the London School of Economics. My research focuses on Evidence-Based Medicine, hierarchies of evidence, and other problems related to evidence and ethics in biomedical research, medical genomics and complementary & alternative medicine. You can read a profile of my work in the magazine Science News, here.

Chris J BluntI received my PhD from LSE in 2016, with a thesis focused on ‘Hierarchies of Evidence’, which you can read here. Hierarchies of Evidence are a popular tool for appraising evidence used in medical practice, and a common way of teaching evidence appraisal to medical students.

I also have an interest in AI and the ethical, social, political and philosophical issues which new technologies raise. With my LSE100 colleagues, I designed a module entitled “Can we control AI?” which foregrounded these issues, and was studied by over 3,400 LSE students. These issues form the crux of new challenges to philosophy, ethics, law and society which require new thinking. You can watch the trailer which I created for the course here. Recently, my interests in AI and medicine have been overlapping in a new project on diagnostics which brings differences and commonalities between AI and clinician diagnostics into focus.

This site is an ongoing repository for my research, both long-form articles and shorter pieces. All of my work is available here in open access form, and this site functions as a form of green open access. I’ve criticised existing research publishing and distribution models, including author-pays open access, so I take my own medicine and offer my work here. I am currently in the process of migrating all of my work to the site, and pieces may be added out of order in the coming months.

I work on the delivery of LSE100, LSE’s flagship interdisciplinary undergraduate course, which is studied by all 1st and 2nd year undergraduates. LSE100 delivers interdisciplinary seminars accompanied by bespoke online content featuring leading LSE academics. It serves as a forum for students and academics to meet and discuss major social problems across disciplinary boundaries. I have a PGCE full level certificate in higher education and am a fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I have taught a range of courses in LSE’s Philosophy department at undergraduate and masters level. I also maintain writephilosophy.com, a resource for teachers and students of Philosophy.

Contact: c.j.blunt <at> lse.ac.uk or use the form below: